Requests by Fax
You can speed up the process using the fax as a means of sending documents; and the sending of money via Monigram, Western Union , Intermex, Money Order, etc. You must report the way you use stating the pay method, the sender's address and the amount sent. Do not forget to write your telephone number in case we need to contact you fast.

Faxes must be legible, and the documents (forms and annexing documents) must comply with the instructions stated before. The notary's name and his/her signature must be identified clearly.

The photo, in this case, must be sent by Internet to the E-mail previously given.

In this case, the identification card will only take some hours for its processing as well as the mail time to his/her addressee.

Contact Us
E-mail: Sales@USIdentifications.com

You reach USidentifications.com by means of the Internet and once you have read and accepted the explanations and conditions stated in that page, you will be able to print the form that will be filled out and signed before a Notary Public.

Mail the form with the photocopy of the personal identification document you have chosen as a document support together with the form duly notarized. Put into the envelope a money order as a pay of the service, the pay of the mail service and the photos.

Send your service request to this address:

3816 SW 8 ST
Coral Gables, FL 33134
PH: 305-642-9676
FAX: 305-642-2255

The processing time is 24 hours once the envelope has reached our office.

The card is mailed immediately after it is made and the time of personal delivery by the postman/woman depends on how far the customer lives: it generally takes from 24 to 72 hours. If you have not received the card in a week's time, contact us by email, telephone or fax so as to establish the situation of your request. E-mail can be more effective than the telephone.

Take into account that the time that the mail takes to get to our office is that of 48 to 72 hours, plus 24 additional hours for us to process your request, plus 48 to 72 hours to reach you.

The cost of the identification card is US $45.00

You must send a money order to Usidentification.com and or to Tamiami Immigration Agency in the amount aforementioned. The cost of regular-certified mail is $10.00 If you want it by Priority Mail, it is $10.00 and $15.00 by Express Mail. The payment for the mail must be separated and paid by means of a money order so, when we receive your application, we can differentiate what the money for the identification card is and what the money order for the payment of the service and the mail is.

If by any chance, the identification card can not be processed, Usidentification.com will use the money order sent for the mail service in mailing you back the documents you sent us.

If the applicant for a card does not send the money for the mail, a 30-day period of time will be given for him/her to send it (having previously made a telephone call). If this money is not finally sent, he/she will lose the money and the card will be destroyed.

There is no money back. The $40.00 will only be sent back when the form and/or the documents do not comply with the requisites demanded to issued an ID.

Digital Photos
You can send a photo way Internet to our E-mail and do not forget to add a note with your personal data, names, address and telephone number.

You can write to us and/or call us to make a claim; this generally happens when the information is typed in a wrong way: name, address, ID number, date of birth, etc. If it is our fault, we will apologize to you and the mistake will be corrected at once and a new card will be sent to you. If the mistake is because of a wrong information in your form, then you will have to pay the $35.00 and the postage again.

The money will not be sent back if the identification card does not reach the expectations you had at the time you ordered its issuance. The identification card we offer is not always accepted by the official and private media.

The card will not be changed if the photo sent by the customer does not comply with the aesthetic quality expected; printing on plastic is not perfect and can have deformation when the photo is not a digital one. A digital photo will give better results in the printing and its presentation will, of course, be clearer.