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NOTE: You need Acrobat Reader v4.0 or higher installed, if you do not have Acrobat Reader installed,
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Please read the below instructions on how to fill the ID request form.


Print your first name, then your middle name (if you have or need it to be printed) and last of your entire last name very clearly.

Long names with two surnames are not usually used in USA and can not generally be printed. The customer authorizes to choose a name and a surname in the event that there is a technical difficulty in the printing of the ID.

Date of Birth
The Birth Date begins with the month first. You can print the month in letters to avoid any mistake, then the day; and the year in full.

Height must be given in American feet. If it is given in centimeters, it will be converted into feet.

Mailing Address
When printing the Address , it is very important to print each number and letter very clearly. You can add any printed receipt properly marked to help USidentifications in the printing of the correct address.

It is very important to print the Telephone Number so as to contact you in the event that we need your help. You must give your number with the area code and where you can be reached fast at working time. Cellular phones are accepted. You can include several numbers if you wish so

Primary ID Number
The primary ID Number to be printed in your identification can be that of any official document you can supply, for example, your passport, work permit or immigration number among others in the list if you have it. You can cross out the number you wish and fill out the blank space in the form; if it has letters, you must include them. You can use your official national or foreign document together with the ID with the objective of showing your real personal identification.

You must sign the form in the center of the space duly delineated for you. You must sign with big letters with the objective of copying it by means of a scan so we can print it on the card. Do not sign using small letters!

Digital Photos
You can send a photo via Internet to our E-mail and do not forget to add a note with your personal data, name, address and telephone number.

You must sign the form before a notary before you send it by mail. If your signature on the form is not notarized, your identification card can not be issued. The notary must sign and seal the form and the notary's name must be very clear so he/she can be reached in any event.